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All files listed below are available for copying under version 2 (or later) of the GNU Public License.

Raspberry Pi solutions for reliable Ethernet initialization and gpiod-based GPIO management on Raspberry Pi boards.

ppp-on is a replacement for the ppp-on script that is included with the pppd package. This replacement script simplifies running through a list of chat scripts until a PPP connection succeeds. It provides visual feedback regarding the status (success/failed) of each connection attempt. This script can be conveniently referenced as a window manager menu/button option (ex. "exec xterm -T PPPdialer -e /usr/sbin/ppp-on &").

bv.jar is a very small Java program for viewing image (JPEG, GIF, etc.) files. The program's size is minimized by providing only 6 functions: scroll forward/back thru a list of files in a directory, enlarge/shrink an image, crop (without reference rectangle), and "Open File/Directory" requester.

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