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The Engineering Services Division of IntEn Corporation provides system, software, network, and electrical engineering services to the public and private sectors. Your enterprise could benefit from the services available through IntEn Corporation. Feel free direct e-mail to Engineers Help, and we will be pleased to discuss how IntEn Corporation can assist your enterprise with engineering services. We look forward to your correspondence.


The Engineering Services Division of IntEn Corporation was created to provide a unique set of engineering services in the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Many businesses can benefit from the services of engineers with broad engineering backgrounds. IntEn Corporation engineers provide a wide range of engineering services.

By supplying a single engineer skilled in multiple engineering disciplines IntEn Corporation can meet your requirement to design and develop high quality systems in minimum time at a fraction of the cost associated with the alternative -- retaining a team of engineers, each skilled in only a single engineering discipline, for your projects.

Engineering Services

Engineering services available through the fully-clearable staff at IntEn Corporation include system, software, network, and electrical engineering analysis, design, development, and implementation of:

IntEn Corporation provides contract engineering services to the Department of Defense in Ft. Meade Maryland and DoD contractors. We are a self-certified Small Business. Our CAGE Code is 1R3B9.

Medical Records Conversion Services

Standard and custom electronic medical/health record (EHR) conversion services are available through the staff at IntEn Corporation applying HIPAA best-practices. Click here for more information.

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